Lab news

August 2018: Clark Scholars symposium, Jack Christian presented his summer project. He totally nailed it!


Some snapshots of Jack at work:

July 2018: lab summer gathering!

summer 2018
Summer gathering to celebrate our hard work!

June 2018: lots of new peeps join the lab!

  • Kevin Cruz Colon (undergrad from the University of Puerto Rico) and Jack Christian (Clark Scholar, High School senior from Sacramento, CA) will be spending most of the summer with us!
  • Kajal Parikh, Varsha Misra, Bridgette Kerr, Fabiola Arzate, Noel Estrada and Alex Soto (all undergrads from TTU) will start working with us and will stay for the coming semesters!
  • Danton Shoemaker leaves and will be continuing his Ph.D. work with Dr. Jim Carr


February 2018 : New grad students join the lab!

Welcome Farhana, Mohammad, Hunter and Danton! (see People page for photos!), more details soon 🙂


Baby steps!

Our lab is starting to take form  🙂  lots of boxes being delivered and the first electrophysiology rig is almost completed.